Senior, pensioner and carer concession

If you are a senior citizen, pensioner or carer, you may be eligible for a reduction in stamp duty if you buy a home or land on which to build a home.

You must be at least 60 years or over or the holder of a Northern Territory Pensioner and Career Concession (NTPCC) card.

Find out about other concessions for NT pensioner and carer concession holders at the Territory Families website.​

If you buy vacant land for a new home, you must provide evidence of your intent to build with your application. Otherwise, you will need to pay the full amount of stamp duty. Once you can provide evidence, you can claim a refund.

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Before you apply

You should read the stamp duty senior, pensioner and carer concession guide (447.2 kb).

To find out if you are eligible for the SPCC, complete the eligibility test.

What you can get

You can get up to $10,000 off the stamp duty you need to pay.

If you are eligible for the SPCC you can find out how much stamp duty you need to pay using the calculator.

If you are eligible for more than one home incentive concession or grant, you will be entitled to the higher grant or concession amount.

The scheme is not means tested but you cease to be eligible if the dutiable value of the home is over $750,000 or if the dutiable value of the land is $385,000.

There is no limit on the cost of a home to be built on land.

If you exceed these thresholds, you may be eligible for the stamp duty principal place of residence rebate as long as you meet the criteria.

When to apply

You can apply for the SPCC before or after you pay stamp duty on your home.

If you have not yet paid stamp duty, the SPCC will reduce the amount you have to pay.

If you have already paid stamp duty, a refund will be made to you.

How to apply

To apply for the SPCC, follow these steps:

Step 1. Fill in the application - this can be found in the guide.

Step 2. Attach any supporting documents.

Step 3. Submit your form.

If you are claiming the SPCC as a reduction on stamp duty, submit your form to your conveyancer or solicitor.

If you are claiming SPCC after the stamp duty has been paid, submit your form to the Territory Revenue Office by mail or email:

Territory Revenue Office
GPO Box 154
Darwin NT 0801

After you apply

If you disagree with a decision

If your application for the SPCC has been rejected and you believe the decision was wrong you can lodge an objection.

An objection must be made in writing and submitted to the Territory Revenue Office within 60 days of the decision being made. It must clearly outline the grounds of objection.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your objection, you may appeal against the decision to the Taxation and Royalty Appeals Tribunal or the Supreme Court.

If your circumstances change

At least one applicant must live in the home within 12 months of completion. They should stay there for a continuous period of at least six months.

In special circumstances the Commissioner can change this requirement.

To find out more read the Commissioner's guideline on discretion to exempt or vary compliance with the eligibility criteria.

Commissioner's guideline: discretion to exempt or vary compliance with the eligibility criteria (694.6 kb)
Commissioner's guideline: discretion to exempt or vary compliance with the eligibility criteria (666.0 kb)

If you are not able to comply with any requirements of your grant, you must advise the Commissioner of Territory Revenue in writing within 30 days of your circumstances changing.


For more information contact TRO by calling 1300 305 353.

Last updated: 27 April 2018


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