Wastewater management

Outside building control areas

Wastewater systems installed outside building control areas are administered by the Department of Health. They are subject to the requirements of the Public and Environmental Health Act and regulations.

This includes on-site wastewater systems and decentralised systems.

You can use the online tool to check if your land is in a building control area.

Read more about building control areas.

On-site systems

Before starting work on any on-site wastewater systems with a maximum hydraulic flow of 2000 litres or under per day, your licensed plumber must fill in a notification of installation of an on-site wastewater system.

When work is finished, they must submit the second part of the form, the notification of installation completion.

Notification of installation/completion of an on-site wastewater system DOCX (86.8 KB)
Notification of installation/completion of an on-site wastewater system PDF (398.9 KB)

The forms must be submitted to the Department of Health using the contact details provided.

Aboriginal community housing

The proponent of any Aboriginal housing must contact the Department of Health at the design stage as alternative on-site wastewater systems may require a wastewater works design approval.

Large scale systems

Before starting work on large scale on-site wastewater systems including those with a hydraulic flow exceeding 2000 litres per day and decentralised wastewater systems, you will need wastewater works design approval.

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Last updated: 02 April 2019

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