Land use zones are tools used to guide and manage the current and future use of land.

Land zoning looks to locate common users close together such as putting houses near shops, and parks near schools.

Zoning also helps to stop incompatible uses being located together.

What different zones mean

You can read more about what the different zones mean in the Northern Territory Planning Scheme and the uses that are allowed within each zone.

The NT Planning Scheme also sets out the aims and guidelines for current and future planning.

Depending on the zone, a land use may be:

  • permitted
  • self-assessable
  • discretionary
  • prohibited.

The town of Jabiru has different land use zones compared to the rest of the NT. For information on zoning in Jabiru you should read the Jabiru Town Plan.

To find out more about the different uses allowed within different zones contact your nearest Development Assessment Services office.

How to look up land zoning

If you want to buy or develop land you can find out what zoning it has and the zoning of land nearby.

You can look up zoning maps, go online and use land information tools such as NT Atlas or visit your nearest Land Information Centre.

You can also get details of any new developments or rezoning applications by contacting your nearest Development Assessment Services office.

Unzoned land

There are several areas of the NT that are not zoned mainly due to the remote location or lack of population.

Land use controls may still apply to some unzoned land when:

  • the subdivision of land is needed
  • or the removal of over 1ha of native vegetation in areas not covered by other legislation.

Read more at the land clearing in the NT.

Changes to zoning

Land zoning may be amended to reflect changes in community views or government policy.

Property owners may also want to use land in a way that is not allowed under the current zoning and you must apply if you want the property rezoned.

To have property rezoned you must apply for an amendment to the NT Planning Scheme.

To rezone land in Jabiru contact Lands Planning.


For more information on zoning and development applications contact your nearest Development Assessment Services office.

For more general information on land zones contact your nearest Land Information Office.

Last updated: 01 November 2019

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