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Review of planning decisions

If you are not satisfied with the decision of the consent authority about a planning application you may be able to request a review of the decision.

If the Development Consent Authority has rejected your development application you may appeal within 28 days of receiving a notice of the decision.

When you can request a review

You can request a review of the decision made about your application in relation to any of the following:

  • a refusal to grant a permit
  • an extension to the period of a permit
  • a specific condition of a development permit
  • a service authority’s refusal to refund or remit a developer contribution
  • if your application remains undetermined 12 weeks after submitting it.

When you can make a third-party request for review 

You can appeal a decision made about another party's development application, known as making a third-party request for review. 

To make a third-party request for review, you need to have made a submission during the development application's statutory 14-day exhibition period.

Third-party appeals usually only apply to land in a residential zone.

Third parties have no right to a request for a review of decisions that relate to any of the following: 

  • subdivisions or consolidations of land
  • detached dwellings or attached dwellings below two storeys
  • land zoned as non-residential, unless it is adjacent to land in a residential zone or directly opposite land in a residential zone and is on the other side of a road that has a reserve width of 18m or less
  • non-residential uses such as bed and breakfast accommodation, home occupation, childcare centre, medical consulting rooms and caretaker’s residence within a residential zone - if the consent authority has not varied or waived any requirements of the Northern Territory Planning Scheme provisions.

How to request a review of a planning decision

Contact the Northern Territory Civil and Administration Tribunal for information on how to submit a notice of appeal.

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Last updated: 07 March 2019


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