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Interim development control orders

The Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics may make an interim development control order (IDCO) by notice in the government gazette.

Orders can be used to override or suspend development provisions or introduce controls in relation to a piece of land for up to two years.

The consent authority must take into account any interim development control order applicable to the land when considering a development proposal.

Current orders

The table below lists interim development control orders currently in force or recently expired.

IDCO numberDescription Date in force
IDCO 24 PDF (79.4 KB)

IDCO 24 has now expired.

Consent is not required for the use or development of the land for the purposes of an alfresco dining area only if it is:

  • associated with a use established lawfully either before or during the duration of this order and
  • not ancillary to the use of the land for the purpose of multiple dwellings or supporting accommodation as defined by the NT Planning Scheme.
18 December 2017 to 18 June 2019
ICDO 25 PDF (57.5 KB)

IDCO 25 has now expired.

The order applies to all land in Zone CB (Central Business) in the municipality of Darwin (the land).

Consent is not required for the sub-leasing of existing car parking spaces provided the spaces are contained within an existing legally established building.

Any use or development of the land for the purposes of a car park permitted only by virtue of this IDCO must cease once the IDCO is no longer in force.

18 December 2017 to 18 June 2019

For more information about how a current interim development control order could affect you, contact Development Assessment Services.

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Last updated: 07 October 2019


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