Getting approval for your survey

Once you have development approval for your subdivision, you must get a survey reference number and new lot numbers, a process known as data allocation.

You must engage a surveyor to help you with this application. Read about how to find a licensed surveyor.

How to get survey data allocation

Your surveyor will submit your data allocation request and supporting data, on your behalf, to Survey and Land Records. 

Licensed surveyors can apply through the Survey Approvals Online website.

Survey approvals process

Once you have completed all your subdivision work and obtained all required clearances, your surveyor can lodge your survey for approval.

You must pay the relevant survey lodgement fee. Get the list of fees and read more about land surveys.  

Survey and Land Records will assess the survey prior to approval. If further information is needed, your application will be stopped and your surveyor contacted.

Survey and Land Records will ensure your development meets the following requirements:

  • survey practice directions
  • plan drawing standards
  • other legislative requirements.

If your submission meets all the requirements, it will be recommended to the Surveyor-General for approval.

Create new or alter existing roads

If your subdivision requires roads to be extended or created, you must name these in your application. Read the law.

Once you have a development permit, you should apply to the Place Names Committee to start the road naming process. Read about creating new property and street addresses.

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Last updated: 21 June 2018