Completion of work

You must get clearance at the end of your subdivision work. The clearance shows your subdivision meets the conditions of your development permit.

How to apply

Follow these steps to get a Part 5 clearance.

Step 1. Get written approval that you have met permit conditions

You must have written clearance for each of the conditions in your permit. Read more about meeting the conditions of a development permit.

You will need to approach the people or organisations related to each condition to request their clearance.

Go to the Development Applications Online website for information on contacting service authorities to clear conditions of permits.

Step 2. Registering a caution notice

If your permit requires that you register a caution notice, you must submit a completed Form 8 Memorandum for Purposes of Caution Notices and supporting material, and pay the fee to a Land Titles Office.

Get the form from Land Titles Office: forms and fees.

You can get help from a licensed conveyancer or legal practitioner to prepare your forms. Read about conveyancing.

Step 3. Apply for a Part 5 clearance

Apply through the Development One Stop Shop.

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Last updated: 21 June 2018