Interim development control orders

The Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics may make an interim development control order (IDCO) by notice in the government gazette.

Orders can be used to override or suspend development provisions or introduce controls in relation to a piece of land for up to two years.

The consent authority must take into account any interim development control order applicable to the land when considering a development proposal.

Current orders

The table below lists interim development control orders currently in force. 

IDCO numberDescriptionDate in force
IDCO 22 including map (741.6 kb)

The use and development, including subdivision, of land overlying the Berry Springs Dolostone Aquifer may only occur with consent and subject to confirmation by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Resource Management that the proposal:

  • does not rely on utilisation of groundwater sourced from the Berry Springs Dolostone Aquifer
  • or will not detrimentally impact on the sustainability of the groundwater resources.
Certain minor developments are exempt from the need for consent.

See the attached IDCO document for details including a map of the area.
10 June 2016
to 10 June 2018
IDCO 23 (46.3 kb)IDCO 23 has now expired.

The Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics amended the NT Planning Scheme to remove provisions that allowed the development of dual occupancies in Zone SD (Single Dwelling Residential).

For more information see Amendment 483 in the list of amendments to the NT Planning Scheme.
19 October 2016 to 6 October 2017

For more information about how a current interim development control order could affect you, contact Development Assessment Services.

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Last updated: 16 November 2017