Document workflow

Document checklist

The document workflow applied to NT.GOV.AU is designed to ensure we meet WCAG accessibility requirements. 

In order for your document to be published you will need to ensure the following prerequisites are met. 


How to use workflow - replacing documents

  1. Find the asset you are replacing
  2. Change the status to 'safe edit'
  3. Acquire locks
  4. Upload the new file from your local drive
  5. 'Save'
  6. Select 'workflow' from the dropdown selection list
  7. 'Apply for approval' and save
  8. Document will come to the digital team for approval and publishing. 

    View the status of documents in workflow

Notes and guidance from the Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word formats (.doc and .docx) don’t conform to WCAG 2.0 when viewed on mobile devices.

Don’t publish Word documents on the web on their own. Provide the information on a HTML page as well. If this isn’t possible, create an accessible PDF.

Visit NTG Central for guidance on making Word documents accessible. 

PDF documents

HTML should be the default format for all government information. Only make a PDF if there is a strong user need.

If there is a strong user need to provide a PDF (for example for printing) the document must still be accessible.

PDFs are not accessible on mobile devices.

Visit NTG Central for guidance on making PDFs accessible.

Last updated: 20 October 2017