Qantas Partnership to deliver E190 base in Darwin

In huge news, the Northern Territory Government has just secured a partnership with Qantas to deliver a new Embraer 190 aircraft base in Darwin. This means more jobs, cheaper fares and more travel options for Territorians.

This 30 month agreement is a fantastic opportunity for the Northern Territory and is expected to create 200 jobs, from pilots and cabin crew to aircraft maintenance jobs and more.

The benefits go beyond the territory economy and local jobs - the E190 base will also provide better and more varied flight options for Territorians and will provide a boost to the tourism industry.

The new additional E190 routes will begin in March and include:

  • Adelaide – Alice Springs - Darwin
  • Canberra - Darwin
  • Cairns – Darwin
  • Townsville - Darwin

More routes will come online to meet demand.

In addition to all this, Qantas has announced that the direct daily flights between Darwin and London will continue to operate until at least the end of June.

For more information, read the full article on the Northern Territory Media Release website.