Automatic mutual recognition for occupational licences

From today, eligible skilled workers can practise across participating states and territories without having to pay for a second license.

Participating states and territories currently include: the Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria. Other states are expected to join the scheme subject to the passing of relevant legislation in their jurisdiction.

The new scheme initially applies to a limited number of occupations. Skilled workers from the Territory can practice interstate for certain occupations permitted by the participating state or territory.

Interstate workers may practice in the Northern Territory under the scheme if they are licenced or registered to perform substantially similar activities as these occupational registrations:

  • security officer and crowd controller licences
  • gaming machine repairer and manager licences
  • casino operative licences
  • radiation licences and certificates of accreditation
  • veterinary registrations.

AMR will benefit approximately 124,000 workers who currently practise across borders. The scheme will also encourage a further 44,000 to expand their practise across borders. This could potentially add $2.4 billion to the economy over the next 10 years.

AMR was agreed by National Cabinet in August 2020.

Visit the webpage Automatic mutual recognition for occupational licences for more information.