Funding boost for NT Government schools

The final School Resourcing Model Funding for the year is now being rolled out to schools across the Territory.

Government schools are set to receive an additional $12.7 million funding in 2021 with a total of $546.3 million allocated to schools to provide quality learning environments for students.

This includes $472.5 million in direct funding to schools - an increase of $11.1 million compared to last year.

In addition, $73.8 million has been allocated for school costs which includes principal salaries and allowances for school-based staff.

The School Resourcing Model Funding is allocated annually and provides transparency, autonomy and greater decision making for schools. It allows principals to tailor their workforce and resources to the needs of their students.

Funding for all schools in the Northern Territory is based on the needs profile of students who were enrolled and attending school in the prior year.

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Last updated: 08 April 2021

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