NT Bus Tracker app has been updated

The NT Bus Tracker app provides real-time information about Darwin and Alice Springs buses.

Updates on the app

Android and iOS users will experience the following improvements.

Updates to the map screen include:

  • When you select a bus stop, you will be able to see the real-time arrival of all buses - similar to the newly installed electronic totem at Woolworths, Cavenagh Street.
  • When you open the app, the map screen is now the default screen and will show your current location as a blue dot.
  • When you select a route, the route and bus location information will display as a list at the bottom of the map screen.
  • The red pin markers for bus stops have been replaced with bus icons.

A favourite button has been added at the bottom tab bar, where you can access the following:

  • favourite stops
  • favourite routes.

How to update

IOS users don't have to do anything.

Android users will need to follow the below process:

Step 1. Delete old app.
Step 2. Re-install new app through Google Play.
Step 3. Re-select your favourites. These will not come across.

You can also download the app below.

Download the app for android from google playDownload the app for apple from the App Store

More information

To find out more about the NT Bus Tracker App, go to the Northern Territory Government website.