Health advice - Novel Coronavirus

Important message to the Howard Springs Community.
The people in isolation at the Munigurr-ma facility pose no health risk to your community.
They were evacuated from Wuhan and the Diamond Princess cruise ship for their safety after clearing a thorough health assessment.
Isolation is an extra precaution to ensure no one becomes ill during the 14 day incubation period and risks spreading the virus.

They are staying in closed isolation, separate to the broader community under close security and medical supervision.

Novel coronavirus is only a threat to those in close contact (one metre or less) with someone with the virus.

The few that need to have close contact with the people in isolation, must wear personal protection equipment.

The virus cannot be spread through the air or by insects.

If anyone becomes ill in isolation, they will receive care from a medical team highly skilled in containing communicable diseases.

Thank you for your generosity in supporting these fellow Australians in your community.

For more information please go to Health advice

Health advice