Weather Web saves water for Darwin Schools

New rooftop weather stations and smart irrigation controllers have been installed in 40 Darwin schools, as part of the new Weather Web program that aims to save 120 million litres of water annually.

Weather Web provides live weather information that is localised to their suburb, including rainfall, temperature, wind and humidity. The localised information lets schools and households irrigate their properties more effectively by adjusting watering levels to suit the conditions.

Saving water is good for our water supply levels and environment.

The Weather Web program was developed in response to Power & Water’s research which found that almost 60 per cent of household water use in the average Darwin region home is in the garden, with most people overwatering without realising it. Most irrigation systems are set to run automatically no matter how much rain there has been over that time or if the temperature drops.

The information from Weather Web works with the new smart irrigation controllers which can automatically control and adjust the amount of water that gardens receive based on real-time weather data.

Weather Web can also be used without smart irrigation controllers as it can help the community better understand the link between rainfall and watering, as well as provide live weather information.

Weather Web