Delicious record for NT mangoes

Darwin is on track to produce the largest haul of mangoes ever recorded with more than three million trays harvested this season. Traditionally, the Northern Territory Mango season runs from October through until Christmas.

This year harvesting in some areas started as early as July.

Additional crops coming to maturity for the first time has also impacted the higher harvest numbers which are excepted to be sustained if not improved in seasons to come. The record Darwin crop has rapidly increased over the past few years, with production almost doubling since 2016.

Mango growers have rallied in the face of adversity in order to record the mega crop, with some growers in the Humpty Doo area being severely impacted by fire right before picking started.

The Northern Territory supplies over 50% of all mangoes across Australia, with some NT varieties being the most sought after both in Australian and overseas.

The season started off with a bang with a tray of Territory mangoes going under the hammer for $25,000 at a charity auction in Brisbane earlier this year.

NT Mangoes