PAWS and think about responsible pet ownership

Territorians are reminded they are responsible for the safety and welfare of their pets and livestock over the Christmas and holiday period.

Pet and animal ownership is a serious responsibility that extends for the animal’s entire life and all Territorians have a responsibility for the welfare, health and safety of their pets and livestock.

If you’re travelling over the holiday period, make sure you have made arrangements for someone to look after your animals and if you are giving or receiving a pet as a Christmas present, bear in mind that pet ownership is a long-term responsibility.

The Animal Welfare Branch (AWB) is responsible for enforcing the Northern Territory’s Animal Welfare Act and Regulations, and investigate reports of animal neglect, cruelty and abuse.

AWB will have inspectors working right through the Christmas and New Year period and if you are worried about a pet not being looked after properly, or witness an animal being treated cruelly, you can report it to Animal Welfare on 1300 720 386

There are some great resources and information about animal welfare, responsible pet ownership and welfare of livestock at