Territorians urged to check plants for canker disease

A number of citrus plants showing signs of suspected citrus canker disease have been removed from Darwin and Palmerston nurseries.

Anyone who has purchased a citrus plant from a retail nursey in the last 12 months is urged to check their plants for signs of the disease, which include blister-like lesions on leaves, stems and fruit that are raised, tan to brown in colour, and are surrounded by an oily, water-soaked margin and a yellow ring or halo.

The Northern Territory Government believes three citrus plants were sold from a Darwin nursery and three sold from a Palmerston nursery prior to the disease being detected.

If you think you have a plant with citrus canker do not move the plant or attempt to take samples.

You should contact the citrus canker hotline on 1800 931 722 or email a clear image of the suspect plant, the plant’s label (if you still have it)  and location details to citruscanker@nt.gov.au for preliminary diagnosis.

Early detection, reporting and not moving infected plants is vital, and will give the Department of Primary Industry and Resources the best chance of eradicating this disease.

Citrus canker does not affect human health or animals and infected fruit is safe to be consumed.

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