Severe fire weather set to return to the Top End

Rural landholders are being urged to prepare for the return of severe fire weather this week.

Hot, dry and windy conditions are expected and rural landholders are reminded that the fundamental principle established by the Bushfires Management Act is that responsibility for bushfire management rests with the landholder.

Rural residents are urged to follow a few simple steps to help protect their homes and communities:

  • Keep fuel loads to a minimum by clearing away dried grass, dead leaves and branches
  • Trim back trees that overhang structure
  • Control or eradicate grassy weed species
  • Maintain a well-cut, green lawn around your home
  • Establish and maintain clear firebreaks with a minimum width of four metres. Firebreaks should be free from slashed or dead material and any vegetation more than 50 millimetres high

Australian Red Cross have set up a free call number 1800 882 641 to provide landholders impacted by recent wildfires various support services.

For more information on Bushfires NT, go to the Bushfire Information and Management page.

Bushfires NT tanker assisting in wildfire response