Alcohol Policies and Legislation Review - have your say

The Northern Territory Government recognises that everyone has the right to enjoy a drink responsibly. However, alcohol abuse is a significant cause of violence, trauma and crime in our community.

The Government is addressing alcohol misuse and its effects on individuals, families and communities, with clear policies such as reintroducing the banned drinker register.

A whole of government alcohol policy and licensing framework supports responsible alcohol consumption and a safer community.


The Northern Territory Government is seeking to develop an evidence-based overarching alcohol harm reduction strategy, following a review of alcohol policies and legislation.

The draft terms of reference, available on the Department of Health website, sets out the purpose, governance, consultation process and timing for the review.

If you would like to comment on the draft terms of reference, have your say by emailing by close of business on 27 March 2017.

All submissions, unless specifically requested otherwise by the author, will be published on the website with the author identified.

The Northern Territory Government is reviewing alcohol policies and legislation.