Free parking at Royal Darwin Hospital

Royal Darwin Hospital’s free parking system has commenced.

Parking is now free across the grounds, with four-hour time limits in place for car parks closest to the hospital building.

The hospital will use a print and display system in the main short-term patient and visitor car parks, which means people parking in these areas need to print a ticket and display it in their vehicle.

Tickets will not be required for general free parking in other car parks.

Car parks closest to the hospital building are reserved for patients and visitors between 7am and 5pm each day. Patients and visitors who expect to be at the hospital for more than four hours are encouraged to use the general free car parks.

Infringements will continue to be issued for parking in disabled bays without a valid disabled parking permit, parking in non-designated or reserved parking spaces, and taking up more than a single bay. 

For more information on the new free parking system please go to

Free parking commencing at Royal Darwin Hospital