Review of water extraction licences

Findings of independent review of water extraction licences lead to improvements in the administration of licence applications.

Early 2017 the government asked an independent panel to review the issuing of water extraction licences between August 2012 to August 2016.

The focus of the review was to assess if processes and legislation were followed correctly and without interference in the assessment and decision making of the licences. The report of the review is now available.

The review has highlighted shortcomings in the current system and processes for administering water licences in the NT. To improve the administration of water licence applications, the NT Government will implement the 21 recommendations of the review. More than half of the recommendations have been completed already and work will continue.

To support the reform, government has allocated $898,000 in additional funding this year, $1.8 million in 2018-19 and $1.6 million annually from 2019-20. The additional funding will allow for more water policy expertise in the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and will improve the processing of water licences.

It will also support changes to legislation to ensure sustainable and accountable management of our water resources now and into the future.

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Review of water extraction licences