Funding for innovative youth programs in Alice Springs

Grants available for school holiday and after-hours activities for vulnerable young people in Alice Springs.

Organisations and community groups are invited to apply for grants to run innovative services and programs for vulnerable young people in Alice Springs for the rest of 2017 and through the summer holidays to January 31.

The grants are designed to encourage innovation and creative thinking about how to constructively engage young people during holiday times and outside school hours.

Proposed activities or programs must be new and take an innovative approach to providing quality holiday and after-hours activities. The purpose is to deliver early intervention and engagement programs that can connect young people at risk to existing support services.

Types of funding

You can apply for two different types of grants and may make multiple applications for funding from one or both of these types of grants.

Grants for an individual activity or short series of activities - from $1000 to $20,000 

You can apply for one of these grants to conduct a new activity, or short series of activities, for young people aged 10 - 17 on evenings and/or during a school holiday period.

Grants for an activity program - up to $80,000 

Applications for this funding have now closed.

You can apply for one of these grants to run an ongoing program of after-hours activities, including school holiday programs, in collaboration with other service providers and/or community groups.To read the guidelines and find out how to apply, go to Alice Springs youth services innovation grants.