Additional assistance for communities affected by Tropical Cyclone Lam and Nathan

The Australian and Northern Territory Governments announced today that they will jointly fund a $5 million Community Recovery Fund (CRF) under the Commonwealth-State Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.

The fund will complement the existing rebuilding activities already underway in affected communities by assisting with the medium and long term recovery needs.

The CRF will enable upgrades to Galiwin'ku oval, including repairing the surface damaged while the oval housed the emergency accommodation after the cyclone. The restoration of the oval is a top priority for the community to ensure youth are re-engaged with regular sporting activities.

The fund will also allow the continuation of an expanded mental health and wellbeing program being run by Miwatj Health in Galiwin'ku using locally trained Yolngu counsellors.

In addition to the projects funded through the CRF, major progress is being made in rebuilding the communities affected by Cyclones Lam and Nathan, which struck earlier last year.

Current situation in affected communities:


  • Eighty houses are being rebuilt in Galiwin'ku. The first 40 are currently being constructed. The first four houses are due to be completed before the end of January 2016 with the remaining 36 due to be completed progressively through to July 2016
  • In line with the community leaders' direction, the second 40 houses are planned to be delivered over a longer period of time to maximise local economic development opportunities, especially training and employment. The houses are using designs developed under the guidance of the Community.
  • A further eight houses required major restoration and refurbishment works, and will be completed in early 2016
  • Barge landing repair works have been completed
  • Significant funding has been committed to East Arnhem Regional Council to restore and improve local and regional roads.
  • Essential services infrastructure works to support the housing program are also be progressed.
  • Local service providers including the East Arnhem Regional Council have worked hard to restore community infrastructure like parks, childcare centres and other community facilities.

Ramingining and Milingimbi

  • Two houses are being replaced in Ramingining and are due for completion in early 2016.
  • The school in Ramingining sustained major damage and school rebuilding works are to be delivered in the 2016 dry season.
  • Significant funding is being provided to East Arnhem Regional Council to restore and improve local and regional roads.

Regional Homelands

  • Seven temporary houses have been installed across four homelands to ensure that displaced families have appropriate accommodation while their houses are rebuilt by homeland service providers under insurance arrangements.
  • $1.6 million has been provided to homeland service providers to support the restoration of homelands essential services and infrastructure.