Rules for using a fishing aggregating device

The following rules apply when you are using a fishing aggregating device (FAD):

  • respect other FAD users at all times
  • be courteous to fishers who are already using the FAD
  • take turns in fishing the FAD and accommodate new arrivals
  • take only what you need for a feed
  • always slow your approach when nearing an FAD and sound the area away from the FAD for target fish
  • spearfishers should:
    • be aware of other FAD users
    • avoid entering the water if other boats are around the FAD
    • not have a loaded speargun within 150 metres of another person who is not part of their fishing group
  • keep boats, lines and lures a safe distance from:
    • the FAD
    • spearfishers
    • other boats.

Before you leave shore

FADs are sometimes situated long distances from shore.

Before you leave the shore you should do the following:

  • ensure your boat is suitable for offshore fishing
  • check you have all the correct safety equipment required by law
  • check the current marine weather forecast to assess if conditions are suitable for boating.

Report damaged or missing FADs

If you see a damaged or misused FAD or notice one that appears to be missing from its marked position, contact the Fisheries Department by emailing

Last updated: 06 November 2018

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