Sport voucher scheme: remote

The sport voucher scheme for remote children provides access to sport, recreation and cultural activities in remote areas of the Northern Territory (NT).

For each enrolled school student $200 is available. This is allocated to providers of activities.

Regional councils, providers and the Department of Tourism and Culture work together to deliver the scheme.

Regional councils: your involvement

Regional councils need to consult the community to pick activities to be run under the scheme. Follow these steps.

Step 1. Talk to your community

Have a look through and share the remote activity provider directory (93.3 kb) with your community.

Talk to community groups, local authorities, youth committees and other groups about the activities they are interested in.

Step 2. Fill in the form

You will need to provide a list of activities your community is interested in to the Department of Tourism and Culture by mid-February each year.

Fill in the activity provider preference form (81.3 kb) and submit it to

Step 3. Sign off on the proposal

The department will work with you to sign off on the activities you would like to run and plan when they take place.

Step 4. Help your provider deliver the activity

After your activities are planned you will need to help your providers deliver them. You should do the following:

  • promote the activities
  • make sure facilities and equipment are ready for when the providers arrive
  • meet and greet the providers on their arrival - give them an orientation to the community
  • make sure you have staff on the ground to help out
  • make sure children go to the activities.

Remote activity providers

The Department of Tourism and Culture will give you a list of communities interested in running your activity each March.

You will need to give a quote to deliver these.

If your proposal is accepted you will need to sign an agreement.

Once you have been contracted to deliver activities you will need to make sure:

  • your staff are qualified and experienced to work in remote communities
  • your staff have working with children clearances
  • your activities and staff are culturally sensitive and appropriate.

Read how to register as an activity provider for sport vouchers.

Suggest an activity for your community

If you live in a remote community and would like to suggest an activity, contact your regional council.

For regional council contact details go to the Local Government Association of the Northern Territory website.

More information

To find out more read the sport voucher scheme policy (4.9 mb).


To find out more call 1800 817 860 or email

Last updated: 22 February 2018