Sport and active recreation grants: grass roots

If you are a club or organisation in the Northern Territory (NT) you can apply for up to $5,000.

This grant is called the Grass Roots Development Program. It is offered all year round.

This program is offered to organisations that provide ways to participate in sport and active recreation.

The program also strengthens the ability of sport and active recreation clubs to deliver services and programs.


You should read the guidelines before you apply for the 2016-17 Grass Roots Development program.

2016-17 Grass Roots Development program (1.6 mb)
2016-17 Grass Roots Development program (38.0 mb) 

Who can apply

All of the following can apply for the grass roots program:

  • sport or active recreation clubs recognised by Sport and Recreation
  • registered incorporated bodies
  • not-for-profit organisations
  • peak sporting bodies who run an association or a league - they can apply on behalf of a club
  • affiliates of an organisation recognised as the national body or NT peak sporting body.

Who can't apply

All of the following can't apply for this grant:

  • individuals
  • profit organisations
  • school or education institutions
  • political and religious organisations
  • NT or Federal Government departments
  • organisations that are not recognised by Sport and Recreation as a sport or active recreation club
  • receivers of funding from this program within the current financial year
  • parents and citizens or parents and friends associations
  • organisations receiving peak sporting body, active recreation organisation, or remote sport funding
  • organisations not affiliated to national bodies or the NT peak sporting body
  • organisations outside of the NT
  • organisations with outstanding acquittals for government grants.

Before you apply

For more information read before you apply for a sport and active recreation grant

Clubs that can show they have used the following tools and resources will be given priority:

You project will also be given priority if you show your project outcomes and activities.

You will need to get quotes for goods and services that you want funding for.

Applications more than $3,000

If you are applying for more than $3,000 you must complete a STARCLUB assessment or club health check. For more information go to the STARCLUB NT or Australian Government's Club Health Check websites.

How to apply

You can apply for a Grass Roots Development Program grant online using Grants Tracker.

What you can apply for

You can apply for funding for all of the following projects:

  • assistance to develop the club volunteer base
  • training for administrators, coaches and officials
  • events to increase participation
  • resources to enhance new and existing programs such as video coaching and electronic equipment that supports clubs
  • assistance to become incorporated
  • protective and safety equipment
  • minor facility upgrades
  • general sport equipment up to $5,000.

What you can't apply for

You can't apply for funding for any of the following:

  • applications that are not supported by quotes
  • competition or membership fees
  • overheads and service charges including insurance
  • travel to competitions and carnivals for teams or individuals
  • trophies, clothing and prizes
  • food
  • uniforms
  • wages
  • maintenance costs of existing facilities or equipment
  • swimming pool chemicals.

After you apply

You will receive feedback on the outcome of your application in the mail.

If your application is successful you will receive a grant agreement.

You must do the following with this agreement before your grant is paid:

  • agree with conditions
  • sign the agreement
  • return the agreement to Sport and Recreation.

If you need further feedback on your application, contact Sport and Recreation

When your grant is paid

You must provide all of the following for your grant to be paid:

  • bank account details
  • a signed agreement
  • a statement by supplier form if you do not have an ABN and a recipient created tax Invoice authority form if required - go to the Australian Taxation Office website for more information
  • a completed new vendor form, if applicable.

Acknowledge the grant

You must publicly acknowledge your grant in all media releases and promotional activity.

For information about how to do this, and to get copies of the correct logos to use, go to How to acknowledge sports grant funding.


If your organisation is not registered for GST it does not need to pay GST.

If your organisation is registered for GST you must pay GST on the funding you get and all of the following apply:

  • your organisation must remit GST to the Australian Taxation Office
  • your funding will be grossed up by 10% or by the current GST rate
  • once your organisation's funds have been released you will get a tax invoice in the mail showing the grossed up amount
  • your organisation must advise Sport and Recreation of any changes to your ABN or GST registration.

Last updated: 02 March 2017