Larapinta Trail support vehicle access

You should only need one support vehicle and driver with each group.

In some cases the support vehicle will only be able to pick-up and drop-off walkers at trailheads, in others the driver must drop off walkers, park the vehicle and walk to the campsite.

This table has information on support vehicle access for the Larapinta Trail.

Section Location Two-wheel drive or
Four-wheel drive access
Vehicle-based camping Instructions
1 Telegraph Station Two-wheel drive No No camping
1 Wallaby Gap High clearance four-wheel drive No

Pick up, drop off and resupply only.

Key required to access Wallaby Gap. Contact the Tourism Central Australia visitor centre to borrow a key.

1/2 Simpsons Gap Two-wheel drive

No (see alternative option)

Vehicles can be left in the Simpsons Gap car park overnight. Support vehicle drivers can walk to the Larapinta Trail campsite to stay with walkers.
2/3 Jay Creek High clearance four-wheel drive

No (see alternative option)

Support vehicle can drive to the park boundary (locked gate). Hikers can walk to the vehicle to camp or the driver can walk about 1km in and camp with walkers at the trailhead.
3/4 Standley Chasm Two-wheel drive Yes Privately owned and operated. Contact Standley Chasm to make arrangements.
4/5 Birthday Waterhole High clearance four-wheel drive Yes

You can camp with your vehicle at Birthday Waterhole only restricted to one support vehicle and the driver.

Hikers can walk to Birthday Waterhole and join the driver or the driver can walk about 1km to the Section 4/5 junction and camp with walkers.

5/6 Hugh Gorge High clearance four-wheel drive Yes Camping with a vehicle restricted to one support vehicle and the driver.
6/7 Ellery Creek South Two-wheel drive (gravel road) Yes You can camp with your vehicle at the Ellery Creek Big Hole campground (camping fees apply).
7/8 Serpentine Gorge Two-wheel drive (gravel road) No

Support vehicle can be parked overnight at the Serpentine Gorge carpark. The driver can walk to the Larapinta Trail campsite and camp with walkers.

No camping permitted at the Serpentine Gorge car park.

8/9 Serpentine Chalet Dam Four-wheel drive to the car park or two-wheel drive to Serpentine Chalet bush camp No (see alternative options)

Hikers can walk from the trailhead to the car park to camp with their support vehicle or the driver can walk in and camp at the trailhead (about 750m).

Alternatively the support vehicle and driver can camp at Serpentine Chalet bush camp.

9/10 Ormiston Gorge Two-wheel drive Yes Support vehicle must park in the day-use car park or in the vehicle-based camping area (camping fees apply).
10/11 Finke River

No vehicle access to trailhead.

Two-wheel drive access to Glen Helen Resort.

High clearance four-wheel drive access to Finke River Two-Mile.

No (see alternative options)

No support vehicle access to the trailhead, but walkers can walk to Glen Helen Resort or the driver can walk to the trailhead ( about 4km).

Glen Helen Resort is privately owned and operated. Contact Glen Helen Resort to make accommodation arrangements.

Finke River Two-Mile camping area is on the dry bed of the river. Walkers can follow the river about 2km south, downstream, of the trailhead to meet up with their support vehicle at Finke River Two-Mile.

11/12 Redbank Gorge Four-wheel drive recommended No (see alternative options) Camping is not permitted in the car park but you can camp with your vehicle at the Woodland or Ridgetop campsites (camping fees apply).

Last updated: 05 June 2020

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