Larapinta Trail water

You must carry and drink plenty of water along the Larapinta Trail.

Consider all of the following to work out how much water to carry:

  • weather conditions
  • distance to be walked
  • the effort you will put in
  • your fitness.

Take enough water for cooking and emergencies.

Drink water regularly, don't wait until you are thirsty as this is one of the early signs of dehydration.

Even if walking in mild conditions, you will still need to drink water regularly.

Water availability

The availability of surface water depends on large rainfall events that are rare and unpredictable in Central Australia.

The quantity and quality of temporary surface water is unreliable. You should use the water supplied at trailheads.

Water tanks

Water tanks are monitored and refilled by rangers depending on the season and number of walkers on the trail. They are filled up well before they empty.

It is helpful if you record water supply levels at trailhead logbooks.

You should urgently report any leaks, low tank levels or other concerns to rangers at Simpsons Gap or Ormiston Gorge.

You should boil the water, use sterilising tablets or a filter as the quality of the water can't be guaranteed.

Water supply locations

Section Location Supply Type

Distance from last supply (km)

1 Alice Springs Telegraph Station Tap connected to Alice Springs town supply 0
1 Wallaby Gap Ranger maintained tank 13.5
1 and 2 Simpsons Gap Ranger maintained tank 10.3
2 Mulga Camp Ranger maintained tank 13.7
2 and 3 Jay Creek Ranger maintained tank 10.8
3 and 4 Standley Chasm Tap connected to local bore supply 14.1
4 and 5 Birthday Waterhole Ranger maintained tank 17.7
5 and 6 Hugh Gorge Ranger maintained tank 16
6 Rocky Gully Ranger maintained tank 15.9
6 and 7 Ellery North Creek Ranger maintained tank 13.6
7 and 8 Serpentine Gorge
Larapinta Trail Campsite
Ranger maintained tank 12.0
8 Serpentine Chalet Dam Ranger maintained tank 13.4
9 and 10 Ormiston Gorge Rainwater storage tank 28.6
10 and 11 Finke River Ranger maintained tank 9.1
11 Glen Helen Lodge Tap connected to the resort bore supply or purchase bottled water from the resort 4.3
11 Rocky Bar Gap Ranger maintained tank 14.2 (from Finke River)
11 and 12 Redbank Gorge Ranger maintained tank 11.8

Last updated: 05 June 2020

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