Groups on the Larapinta Trail

If your walking group is larger than eight people, you must contact Parks and Wildlife.

You must tell them how many people are in your group and your trip plan.

This information will be posted on this page to tell other walkers.

Trail shelters

There are shelters with water tanks and toilets at:

  • Simpsons Gap
  • Jay Creek
  • Section 4/5 junction
  • Hugh Gorge
  • Ellery Creek North
  • Serpentine Gorge
  • Serpentine Chalet Dam
  • Ormiston Gorge
  • Finke River
  • Redbank Gorge.

Independent walkers and groups of fewer than eight have first preference for use of the shelters.

Groups on the trail

The following groups have walks planned for the following dates.

  • 21 April to 24 April – Run Larapinta Stage Race, various sections
  • 21 May to 23 May – West MacDonnell monster trail race, Mt Sonder to Alice Springs
  • 19 May to 7 June 2021 - group of 10 people walking from Alice Springs to Mt Sonder (east to west direction on the trail)
  • 25 July to 5 August 2021 - group of 9 people walking from Finke River to Alice Springs (west to east direction on the trail)
  • 26 August to 29 August – Run Larapinta Stage Race, various sections.

Larger groups

Groups of eight or more can camp overnight at a shelter if it is not being used by 5pm.

At Simpsons Gap, there is a separate group shelter with sand tent pads. It is 150m west of the trailhead at the carpark.

At Serpentine Gorge, larger groups can camp in the open 700m west of the shelter, towards the section 7/8 trailhead.

At all other places, larger groups can camp in the open across from the shelters while still being able to use the water and toilet facilities.

Wet weather

All walkers are welcome to use the shelters in wet weather.

Last updated: 07 April 2021

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