After you apply for an arts grant

The following page has information on how your funding application for an arts grant is processed after you submit it online in Grants Tracker and what to do if your application is successful.

How your application is assessed

Your application will be assessed against all of the following criteria:

  • how well the activity meets the objectives of the funding
  • the quality of artistic outcomes
  • the benefits to the NT community including relevance to the regions
  • effective project planning including use of resources and a clear budget
  • capacity and skills of artists, arts workers and/or facilitators
  • how it will contribute to the individual, group or organisation’s future in the arts
  • if your project has Indigenous cultural content.

If your application is successful

If your application is successful you will get an email offering you a grant and all of the following documents:

  • a funding agreement that outlines the conditions of funding
  • a fact sheet outlining the importance of acknowledging funding sources
  • a request for bank account details for you or the administering body.

You or the administering body must sign all copies of the agreement and return it to Arts NT to get your grant payment.

If your application is not successful

After the notification date you can get feedback on your application by contacting an arts broker.

When to acquit funding

Acquitting a grant means accurately accounting for funding.

You must complete your acquittal within 13 weeks of your activity or project finishing.

You may not apply for another grant or receive any future payments until you have successfully acquitted all previous grants.

Documents you must provide

Information you must provide for acquittals includes all of the following:

  • statistical and financial reports when your project is finished
  • a report on the artistic outcomes of the funded activity
  • any special reporting conditions in the funding agreement.

Proof of your activity

You must submit documents to show your activity took place and its outcomes.

Documents can include any or all of the following:

  • images, video or audio recordings
  • participant feedback
  • print media coverage including advertising
  • radio coverage.

Arts NT may ask you to sign a talent release authority form giving permission to use these documents to promote the NT arts grants program.

How to acquit funding

Funding acquittals in Grants Tracker

You must acquit the following grant categories via the reporting and acquittal tab on the Grants Tracker website.

Self-acquittal of Quick Response or Professional Development Grants

You do not need to provide an acquittal report for Quick Response and Professional Development Grants unless one is requested in an email.

You must keep evidence for an acquittal report for 12 months after your project.

Contact an arts broker for more information, phone (08) 8999 8981 or 1800 678 237.

Funding acquittals that need a form

You must acquit Regional Art Fund Quick Response and Community grants using the regional arts fund acquittal form.

Submit the form

You can submit the form via mail or email.

If you submit via email you must attach a signed copy of the form.

Arts NT
PO Box 496
Palmerston NT 0831

Publishing your application

Your application may be published to promote the development of arts and culture in the NT.

It may be shared with related commonwealth, state and territory agencies and local and national media.

If you have any queries or wish to access the personal information contact a business systems officer on 
(08) 8999 8981 or 1800 678 237.

Your copyright

The copyright of the work created or supported through funding remains with the artist or arts organisation.

If Arts NT ordered and paid for the artistic work they will make a copyright agreement with the artist.

Find copyright information and advice at the Arts Law Centre of Australia website and the Australian Copyright Council website.

For more information

You can talk to an arts broker for more information.

Last updated: 01 February 2019


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