Apply for a Regional Arts Fund grant


Regional Arts Fund (RAF) grants support sustainable cultural development in regional and remote communities in Australia with an emphasis on increasing arts access in disadvantaged, very remote and Indigenous communities.

Regional Arts Fund grants are funded by the Australian Government and managed by the Northern Territory's Department of Tourism and Culture.

Before you apply for any kind of grant, make sure you qualify for the grant and talk with an arts broker.

All grant applications are made online using Grants Tracker.

Read the Regional Arts Fund guidelines (1.3 mb).

Funding purposes

This fund supports Australia's arts and culture in regional and remote Australia by:

  • encouraging and supporting sustainable economic, social and cultural development
  • developing partnerships for financial or in-kind support 
  • developing audiences and broadening community engagement with the arts
  • increasing employment and professional development opportunities for artists.

What is not funded

Regional Arts grants do not fund any of the following:

  • a project that mainly benefits a major city or metropolitan location (apart from the Australian Capital Territory)
  • projects that will commence before funding is approved
  • repeat projects that have already received funding in the same RAF category
  • an organisation's ongoing administration costs 
  • infrastructure projects and projects involving the purchase of assets 
  • heritage activities such as conservation or signage at heritage buildings or sites. Arts projects located at heritage buildings or sites can apply
  • collecting institutions for collections development, maintenance, conservation and interpretation. Collecting institutions and heritage organisations may apply for creative arts projects
  • touring projects that primarily involve touring from major urban centres to regional communities
  • a project or element of a project that is also receiving funding for the same costs from another funding source such as from federal, state or local government or the private sector 
  • the costs of organising and running competitions, prizes, awards, or fundraising events
  • curriculum-based activities in schools or courses including:
    • training in government or private institutions 
    • academic activity, including wages or course work that is required as part of any academic program.
  • projects that don't align with the objectives of the Regional Arts Fund.

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Last updated: 26 March 2018