Apply for a regional museums grant

Regional museums grants are for heritage related projects, collections or exhibitions.

To apply for this grant, your organisation must be all of the following:

  • legally-constituted or incorporated
  • based in the Northern Territory (NT)
  • not-for-profit
  • open to the public
  • committed to the preservation of cultural heritage by actively conserving, researching and interpreting collections for visitors’ education and enjoyment
  • seeking funding for a project that is exclusively NT-based
  • seeking funding for a project related to the moveable cultural heritage aspect of your organisation’s activities.

When you can apply

The 2017 to 2018 applications are closed.

Who can apply

To apply for this grant, your organisation must manage one of the following:

  • museums
  • historical societies
  • public libraries
  • archives
  • Aboriginal or migrant community groups
  • similar facilities committed to the preservation of cultural heritage.

Your organisation should not have any outstanding grant acquittals with this program. Acquittal means you need to show that your activity or project took place and had the outcomes you wanted.

Before you apply

You should read the regional museums grant guidelines:

Regional museums grant guidelines (1.1 mb)
Regional museums grant guidelines (975.7 kb)

You should not make financial plans that assume you will get a grant.

You cannot be guaranteed funding to the full amount you applied for and ongoing funding is also not guaranteed.

Your organisation may submit multiple grant applications and/or include separate projects within one grant application.

Documents you will need

You will need all of the following to apply for this grant:

  • evidence of specific research for your project, including consultation with relevant specialists
  • detailed planning for your project, including sketches, drawings or plans where appropriate
  • an explanation of how your project relates to your organisation’s aims and priorities
  • a proposed budget
  • financial information.

The Department of Art and Museums may request a copy of your organisation’s certificate of incorporation and/or business plan before accepting a grant application.

What can be funded

Funding is for initiatives or programs that will enhance understanding and appreciation of your local community through any of the following:

  • development of displays that reflect regional identity or uniqueness
  • innovative research projects that interpret local material culture and heritage
  • improvements to collection management, procurement and preservation
  • regional communication and information-sharing networks
  • employment of specialist consultants and contractors
  • development of plans and policies
  • storage and conservation material
  • accessioning and cataloguing of museum collections
  • gaining skills through training and professional development
  • collaborative regional museums projects involving two or more museums.

What cannot be funded

All of the following cannot be funded:

  • private organisations
  • fundraising or charitable events
  • purchases or acquisition of objects or collections
  • activities that are the exclusive responsibility of other funding bodies or government agencies
  • capital works or the restoration and maintenance of buildings
  • projects that relate to objects which are not owned by the organisation applying for the grant
  • establishing of new museums, keeping places or community art galleries
  • utility costs, such as power and water
  • wages for staff to run the museum or keeping place
  • projects that are underway or completed.

How to apply


When you apply, you need to address all of the following assessment criteria regarding how your project:

  • raises the quality of your museum or keeping place
  • increases the level of enjoyment and learning of your visitors
  • increases the level of good museum practice
  • demonstrates the use of appropriate preventive conservation techniques
  • demonstrates the development of curatorial practices and policies
  • demonstrates particular benefits to a specific region or community.

Priorities for this grant

Priority will be given to all of the following:

  • grant applications related to a museum's business or strategic plan
  • museums that can demonstrate good museum practice in their day-to-day activities
  • projects and museums that can be assessed by the public.

After you apply

You will be advised in writing of the outcome within six weeks after the close of submissions.

If you are a successful grant applicant, you or your administering organisation will receive a grant agreement and condition forms which you must sign and return.

All of the following applies if your grant application is successful:

  • should conditions not be met, the department may withdraw the grant
  • the department reserves the right to vary, cancel or waive any of the grant conditions or requirements
  • you must spend funds only for the purpose outlined in the agreement and conditions form
  • you must acquit and spend funds by 30 June 2018
  • If your funded project does not proceed you must advise the department immediately and return any unspent funds
  • the department will not be held responsible if the applicant has underestimated the costs of the project and incurs a loss.

Requests for extensions of time or any other variations to your project must be applied for in writing to the department.

Resubmit your application

You can resubmit an unsuccessful grant application in following years if it meets the criteria.

How to acquit your grant

You must acquit your grant online using Grants-Tracker.

Acquitting your grant means to account for the funding provided. This is done by submitting statistical and financial reports when your project is finished.

Your acquittal reports must be submitted by 30 June 2018.

Financial report for grants less than $50,000

You must submit an income and expenditure statement signed by an office bearer of your administering organisation.

The statement must certify that you spent funds in accordance with the terms of your grant agreement.

Financial report for grants over $50,000

You must submit an independently audited financial statement clearly identifying the grant funding provided.

You must also submit an income and expenditure statement detailing the breakdown of your expenses.

Project report

You must report on the delivery of the funded project.

Your project report should include all of the following:

  • information on how the project achieved its aims and objectives, other achievements and/or potential future developments and any difficulties
  • copies of the promotional material and your demonstrated use of the NT Government logo, as set out in the grant conditions
  • acquittal reports for collaborative regional museums projects are the responsibility of your administering body as stated in your grant application.

How to acknowledge funding

The NT Government logo must appear on all promotional material for your project.

The regional museums grant support program should be acknowledged in all promotional material, annual reports and similar material published by the organisation receiving the grant.


For more information contact:

Department of Tourism and Culture
Arts and Museums
Phone: 08 8999 8981

Last updated: 31 August 2018