Supplementary boarding allowance scheme

You may be able to access help from the supplementary boarding allowance scheme towards costs if your child has to live away from home in the Northern Territory (NT) in order to attend a primary, middle or senior school on a daily basis.

Conditions of the scheme

The maximum amount payable was $600 per annum per student in 2015 at the nominated NT facility.

Who can apply

To be eligible you must comply with all of the following:

  • you and your child must live in the NT and you must be approved for benefits under Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC).
  • you are not eligible for this allowance If you are in receipt of ABSTUDY grants and or are approved for the AIC scheme second home allowance.

How to apply

Complete the application form.

Student assistance application form (152.3 kb)
Student assistance application form (78.5 kb)

Provide evidence of the level of boarding fees and AIC assistance.

A new application form, accompanied by a copy of the current AIC approval letter and a statement detailing whether your child is receiving any fares from any other source, must be submitted each year.

Submit the application to the Department of Education by 30 September of each year for which claims are to be made.

Submit the application form either by email, fax or post using the following details.

Student Assistance Officer
Financial Services Division
Department of Education
GPO Box 4821
Darwin NT 0801
Fax: (08) 8901 4976

How to claim

There is no need to claim, the allowance is paid when the application is approved.

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Last updated: 03 August 2018

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