Hearing services

This page has information on the support available in the Northern Territory (NT) if your child is diagnosed with a hearing loss or impairment, or is identified as deaf.

Support at school

Hearing team advisors can assist if your child has a significant hearing impairment to allow your child access to the curriculum on the same basis as other students.

Support is offered from birth, or as soon as your child is identified as having a hearing impairment and continues through preschool, primary and secondary school.

Hearing team advisors can assist in developing support strategies for your child at school.

Support can be provided face to face and/or through video conferencing technology throughout the NT and to both government and non-government schools.

The level of support your child will receive will depend on the degree and type of hearing loss and the level of need.

Students with high needs

Students with high needs due to a permanent sensorineural hearing loss can be supported with individual teaching, modelling and assessment to assist spoken and/or signed language development.

Students with low or moderate needs

Students who have a low or moderate level of need due to a permanent sensorineural hearing loss can be supported through individual and class strategies, developed through a student support plan.

Students with a conductive hearing loss caused by otitis media (middle ear infection) will be supported at school. Hearing team advisors will work with the school to provide teaching and learning strategies through a student support plan and through the Now Hear Continuum.

How to get support

If your child has a permanent sensorineural and/or conductive hearing loss you can access support from hearing team advisors.

Talk to your child's teacher or contact school support services by either:

Further information

Go to the following websites for more information about hearing impairment:

Last updated: 14 October 2019

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