Winners of the 2018 Anzac Spirit Study Tour

The students who won a place on the 2018 Anzac Spirit Study Tour will travel to the Western Front in France and Belgium during April 2018.

Their names and details of their entries are listed below.

Akiesha Brown

Akiesha Brown from Casuarina Senior College researched the connection between Australia and Villers-Bretonneux through interviews with two key people:

  • a video interview with the Royal Australian Army's Commander Northern Command and Commander of 1st Brigade, Brigadier Ben James AM, DSM
  • a telephone interview with Strathewen Primary School principal Jane Hayward.

Go to the YouTube website to watch Akiesha's entry.

Faiza Choudhury

Faiza Choudhury from Darwin High School submitted an essay that explores the relationship between Australians and the people of Villers-Bretonneux. Faiza's essay looks at how the relationship is expressed through the town's continuous efforts to remember the Anzacs, proving that the distance of thousands of miles and a century will always be closed with the undying and abiding Anzac spirit.

Read Faiza's entry (39.2 kb)
Read Faiza's entry (126.4 kb)

Angus Gurry

Angus Gurry from Darwin Middle School wrote an essay titled Before Dawn which outlines the ongoing relationship between Australia and Villers-Bretonneux, concluding that the relationship reflects the true Anzac spirit.

Read Angus's entry (19.5 kb)
Read Angus's entry  (34.1 kb)

Jayna McCallum

Jayna McCallum from Dripstone Middle School wrote a song titled Never Forget Australia. The song focuses on the experiences of the Australian soldiers during and after the Battle of Villers-Bretonneux.

Read Jayna's entry (14.8 kb)
Read Jayna's entry (107.6 kb)
Listen to Jayna's entry (6.8 mb)

Arianna Baldieri

Arianna Baldieri from Good Shepherd Lutheran College submitted a video blog entry which transports the viewer back to 1918 where she takes on the personas of Australia and Germany to communicate how the Battle of Villers-Bretonneux unfolded.

She also discusses the formation of the ongoing relationship between France and Australia.

Go to the YouTube website to watch Arianna's entry.

Ellen Archibald

Ellen Archibald from Good Shepherd Lutheran College submitted an essay outlining the history of the Anzac spirit encompassed by the relationship between Australia and Villers-Bretonneux.

Ellen concludes that the Anzac spirit is represented by the kind assistance both countries have provided each other in times of conflict and hardship.

Read Ellen's entry (332.2 kb)
Read Ellen's entry (3.3 mb)

Stephanie Scott

Stephanie Scott from Kormilda College wrote an essay focusing on the forging of the Anzac Spirit and outlined how the Anzac Spirit lives on in the wonderful friendship and mutual assistance given by the Australian and French people to each other.

Read Stephanie's entry (723.6 kb)
Read Stephanie's entry (782.8 kb)

Crisostomo Remulla

Crisostomo Remulla from Katherine High School submitted an essay that discussed the courage and bravery shown by soldiers in the Battle of Villers-Bretonneux as well as the generosity which has forged a lasting bond between Australia and Villers-Bretonneux.

Read Crisostomo's entry (31.0 kb)
Read Crisostomo's entry (147.9 kb)

Joseph Haritos

Joseph Haritos from Nightcliff Middle School focused his essay on the bonds forged in a time of strife which bought the people from two different sides of the world together and how this relationship continues to thrive today.

Read Joseph's entry (421.3 kb)
Read Joseph's entry  (409.6 kb)

Adine Reedman

Adine Reedman from O'Loughlin Catholic College submitted a video in a modern format outlining how Australian soldiers fought to make Australia the safe, secure and free country it is today.

Go to the YouTube website to watch Adine's entry.

Telita Kellner

Telita Kellner from O'Loughlin Catholic College wrote an essay that draws comparisons between the people of Australia and Villers-Bretonneux, past and present. She concludes that the Anzac spirit is a powerful force which defines us as a nation.

Read Telita's entry (933.6 kb)
Read Telita's entry (353.2 kb)

Sarah Muller

Sarah Muller from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College submitted an essay discussing the relationship between Australia and Villers-Bretonneux in times of war and peace.

Read Sarah's entry (445.7 kb)
Read Sarah's entry (182.5 kb)

Luke Secrett

Luke Secrett from Palmerston Christian School made a video discussing how the people of Villers-Bretonneux are grateful to the Australians who saved their town in 1918 and how the Anzac spirit continues to live on in Villers-Bretonneux and Australia.

Go to the YouTube website to watch Luke's entry.

Jasinda Bourke

Jasinda Bourke from Palmerston Senior College made a video based on a collection of fictional diary entries, letters and emails between French and Australian residents and soldiers, set both in 1918 and the modern era.

Go to the YouTube website to watch Jasinda's entry.

Darcy Holmes

Darcy Holmes from St John's Catholic College submitted a video which draws on his own family’s history of the First World War.

Jack Elliott, who was killed in France near Villers-Bretonneux, is Darcy’s great, great uncle, and material produced by Jack is utilised to give depth and context to this entry.

Go to the YouTube website to watch Darcy's entry.

Last updated: 03 August 2018