For registered training organisations (RTOs)

How to become an endorsed provider

Your organisation must become an endorsed provider to receive funding in the Northern Territory (NT).

To become and remain an endorsed provider, your organisation must do all the following:

  • be a registered training organisation 
  • apply to Workforce NT
  • for initial endorsement
  • submit a self-assessment each year.

Before you apply

Your organisation must complete an initial application, then complete an annual self-assessment.

A review panel at Workforce NT meets to assess applications. 

Your applications will be assessed against the criteria outlined in the form, and based on your organisation's performance over the last two years. 

Contact Workforce NT for more information.

How to apply

The application process is being reviewed. 

For any questions about becoming endorsed or maintaining endorsed provider status, email

Unsuccessful applications

Feedback will be offered to your organisation if you are not endorsed.


You must wait 30 days before submitting a new application to become an endorsed provider.

Request a review

Contact the department by mail to request a review of the decision about your organisation.

Executive Director, Workforce NT
Department of Trade, Business and Innovation
GPO Box 3200 
Darwin NT 0801

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Last updated: 29 June 2017