Dispute with a business: make a formal complaint

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If you have a dispute with a trader, NT Consumer Affairs can help in trying to resolve the dispute.  

Find out more about how to deal with a dispute with a business.

Once you have discussed the problem with a fair trading officer and they confirm they are able to help, you can submit a consumer conciliation request with NT Consumer Affairs.

How to submit a consumer conciliation request

You can do this either:

Don’t forget to include copies of all relevant documents, including quotes and receipts.

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1. Conciliation request made by (your details):

2. Conciliation request against (trader details) :
3. What does your conciliation request relate to?
4. Details of your attempt to resolve the dispute
Information in this section, and the supporting documents, may be sent to the trader.
5. Have your referred your dispute to another organisation?
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6. Supporting documentation
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Last updated: 06 February 2019

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