Jury service

Getting paid for jury service

You should ask your employer if you will be paid and/or you need to use your leave during jury service.

If you are paid as normal and/or don’t have to use your leave, you won’t be eligible to receive any payment during jury service.

Otherwise, the payment is one of the following:

  • attendance without selection - when you are not selected to be on the jury - $20 per day 
  • attendance as a selected juror on a trial of 9 days or less - $60 per day
  • attendance as a selected juror on a trial of 10 days or more - $120 per day

You must complete a request for payment form and submit it with the court sheriff at the beginning of the sittings.

You will be paid by direct debit into your bank account every two weeks.

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Last updated: 28 May 2015


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