Maintaining petroleum titles

Renew a petroleum title

You can apply to renew a petroleum title before the original title expires.

You must apply between three and six months before the expiry date, although applications up to but no later than the expiry date may be accepted in some circumstances.

The title will lapse if you don't submit a renewal application before the end of its term.

The type of title determines the amount of times a title can be renewed and also the length of time that it can be renewed. Refer to the table below.

Once you have applied to renew a title, the existing title remains valid until the department makes a decision about the renewal.

Summary of title renewal terms

 Petroleum Act 1984Petroleum (Submerged Lands) Act 1981
Title typeExploration permitExploration permit
Term5 years - 50% relinquishment at end6 years - 50% relinquishment at end
Renewal term5 years - maximum of 2 renewals5 years - maximum of 2 renewals
Maximum blocks200 (5' block/s)400 (5' block/s)
Title typeRetention licenceRetention lease 
Term5 years5 years
Maximum blocks12 (5' block/s)Extent of petroleum pool/location (5' block/s)
Renewal termSubsequent 5 year periods if discovery remains uncommercialSubsequent 5 year periods if discovery remains uncommercial
Title typeProduction licenceProduction licence
Term21 or 25 years21 or 25 years
Renewal termUp to 25 years21 years
Maximum blocks12 (5' Block/s)Extent of petroleum pool/location

Reduction of title area on exploration permit

You must surrender half the blocks in an exploration permit at the end of the initial term, or apply for an exemption to surrender. Read the Petroleum Act 1984 for further information.

How to apply for a renewal

To apply to renew a petroleum title you must apply in writing.

You must include all of the following information:

  • work done during the previous title period
  • proposed work and expenditure program for the following term - exploration and retention titles
  • reasons for wanting a renewal
  • a technical evaluation of the petroleum potential of the area.

You must pay a fee when you renew a petroleum title. Read more about fees and rents.

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Last updated: 04 March 2020

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