Maintaining petroleum titles

Petroleum title reporting

This page has information about the reports you must submit to the department if you hold a petroleum permit or licence under either the Petroleum Act or the Petroleum (Submerged Lands) Act (NT).

Annual reports

Every year you must send an annual report to the department within 28 days of the anniversary of the permit or licence grant date.

An annual report should include the following information:

  • a description of the technical work programs and work completed during the year - the information must support your expenditure claims
  • a summary of expenditure
  • work plans for the following year
  • a list of any operations reports submitted during the year eg well completion reports, geophysical survey reports.
  • updates of laboratory studies on core if results have not already been submitted and listed above
  • copies of any reports from office studies, geological field studies, consultants reports.

Any other reports not yet submitted must be included as appendices to the annual report so they can be easily separated for public release.

The annual report must provide a comprehensive understanding of your activities during the year and your opinion about the future commerciality of the interest.

The annual report must clearly identify the interest holder’s performance against the agreed minimum work program and provide explanations for any variations.

For production reports you may need to include:

  • a forecast of capital and operational expenditure for the upcoming five year period and a level 2 schedule of major field works and planned shutdowns
  • a reserves and resources update.

Surrender and cancellation reports

If a permit or licence is surrendered or cancelled you must send a report to the department within three months of the surrender or cancellation date.

The report should contain the same information as an annual report.

Partial surrender or reduction reports

If part of a permit or licence area is surrendered or reduced you must send a report to the department within three months of the surrender or reduction date.

The report should contain the same information as an annual report, but only cover the surrendered or relinquished part of the title.

How to report

There are specific technical requirements about the way you provide your reports.

Read petroleum activities reporting for details about the content, data formats, file naming and media types you should use.

Get the following documents for further information:

Where the guidelines differ from the relevant laws, you should follow the law.

All information and data submitted to the department is confidential until it can be publicly released under the terms of a title.

Where to send reports

You can send all petroleum titles reports to the Petroleum Registrar by post or email:

Petroleum Registrar
Energy Directorate 
Department of Primary Industry and Resources
GPO Box 4550
Darwin NT 0801

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Last updated: 04 August 2016


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