Petroleum activities reporting

Well drilling and workover reports

A number of different reports are required when you are drilling and operating a well. These include the following:

  • daily drilling reports
  • well modification, abandonment or suspension reports
  • well completion reports.

Read conducting activities after approval for information on daily drilling reports.

Well modification, abandonment or suspension 

You must submit a report if any repair, modification, recompletion, production test, abandonment or suspension of a well has taken place.

The report should be submitted as soon as practically possible.

Basic well completion report

When a well has been plugged, abandoned, suspended or completed you must submit a basic well completion report. 

The basic well completion report should contain the following information:

  • a summary of the well information
  • all the drilling information
  • all drill logs
  • lists of samples collected. 

You must submit all of the following with the basic report as separate files:

  • logs
  • image files
  • core photos
  • a compilation of all the daily drilling reports
  • other associated data.

Do not include any geological interpretations in the basic report.

You must submit basic well completion reports three months after the drilling rig is released. Read more about how to submit reports.

Interpretive well completion report

The interpretive well completion reports should contain all the interpretations of the well data including the geological formations penetrated, reservoir properties and the results of core sample analyses.

Interpreted logs, including composite logs, image files and core photos associated with the interpretive report must be submitted at the same time as the report.

You must submit interpretive well completion reports 12 months after the drilling rig is released. Read more about how to submit reports.

Content and approved format of reports

All geoscientific reports and data must be submitted in digital form in accordance with the guidelines.  Read more about content and format of reports and data.

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Last updated: 11 March 2020

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