Petroleum activities reporting

Submit petroleum drill cores and cuttings

You must submit all drill core and cutting samples recovered from petroleum wells to the Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) core facilities in Darwin or Alice Springs within 6 months of rig release, unless otherwise negotiated. 

How to submit core samples

You must deliver drill core cuttings and samples to the NTGS core facility nearest to your exploration permit area. You must first contact the core facility manager to arrange the delivery time. 

Get the core submission procedures including packing and labelling requirements.

Geological sample submission procedure DOCX (743.6 KB)
Geological sample submission procedure PDF (330.3 KB)

Each drill core sample submitted must have a submission form.

Petroleum core submission form DOCX (54.3 KB)
Petroleum core submission form PDF (33.9 KB)

You are responsible for the transport arrangements and the cost of delivering core and cuttings to the nearest core facility.

Sending core overseas for analysis

You must obtain written approval prior to sending any core overseas for specialist analysis. Email your request to

The request should include details of the core to be transported, its destination and the type of analyses to be undertaken, as well as the expected date for its return to Australia and submission to the core facility. 

Core sent overseas must be shipped back to Australia and delivered to the NTGS core facilities after analysis is completed.

Fluid and gas samples

If you recover fluid or gas samples they must be analysed and kept for at least 6 months. 

If fluid or gas samples are collected please offer them to NTGS. If required they will need to be sent to Geoscience Australia in Canberra in an American Petroleum Institute (API) approved safety container.

Slides residues and other samples

You must submit palynological slides, slides and residues, palaentological material and petrological slides to NTGS when no longer required or prior to ceasing the permit or licence.

Slides and other laboratory samples should be send to the petroleum data manager.

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Last updated: 12 March 2020

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