Petroleum activities reporting

Seismic and other geophysical survey reports

You must provide the following reports after completing your geophysical survey activities:

  • acquisition report
  • processing report
  • interpretation report
  • acquisition and navigation data
  • processed data.

A report on seismic reprocessing must also be submitted if it is undertaken as part of the work commitments on the petroleum title.

Read more about how to submit reports.

Content and format

All geoscientific reports and data must be submitted in digital form in accordance with the guidelines.  Read more about content and format of reports and data.

Acquisition and processing reports and data

The acquisition and processing reports should contain all of the following:

  • operational details
  • contractor’s reports
  • field and processed data tapes.

Do not combine any geological interpretation with the acquisition and processing reports.

You must submit seismic and other geophysical survey reports and data to the department 12 months after the filed acquisition is completed.

Basic data submission

    Where a geophysical survey, other than a seismic survey, has been carried out the following data must be submitted:

  • raw and processed located data
  • gridded data
  • final processed image(s).

For seismic surveys, you must provide all of the following data:

  • field data
  • navigation data
  • observer's logs and other support data
  • raw and final stacked and migrated data
  • final processed navigation, elevation and bathymetry data
  • field tape listing.

Data must be submitted at the same times as the basic report but as separate files.

Your must ensure your data is:

  • clearly identified and labelled
  • in approved digital storage media
  • in approved formats.

Interpretation reports

Interpretation reports for seismic and other geophysical surveys must be submitted separately from the acquisition and processing report.

An interpretation report must include:

  • a description of the objectives of the interpretation
  • a discussion and justification of the results
  • an index of maps and sections
  • digital images of interpretive maps
  • conclusions.

Interpretation reports of seismic and other geophysical surveys must be submitted to the department 12 months after the field acquisition is completed.

Reprocessing reports

If seismic or other geophysical data has been reprocessed, then the re-processing report and interpretation report should be submitted 12 months after the original data was acquired. Do not combine geological interpretation with the re-processing report.

The original field data and re-processed data are not required unless requested.

Partial survey reports

If you surrender some of the graticular blocks in a petroleum title covered by a geophysical survey you may have to submit an acquisition and processing report and related data for part of the survey area.

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Last updated: 11 March 2020

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