Petroleum activities reporting

Production reports

This page has information on the reporting requirements for production including:

  • monthly production reports
  • production facility maintenance reporting 
  • commingled production records and reports
  • downhole surveys. 

Monthly production report 

You must submit a production report relating to the calendar month by the 15th day of the following month. The report must include all of the following:

  • the total quantities of petroleum and water produced, injected, used, flared, vented, stored and delivered from the area
  • the cumulative quantities of liquid and gaseous petroleum and water produced or injected as at the end of the month.

 For each well you must include: 

  • identification name and number
  • a summary of all work performed on the well during the previous month
  • the result of any production test including the choke size used and the tubing and separator pressures observed during the test
  • the status at the end of the month
  • the number of days of production or injection
  • the total estimated quantities of liquid, gaseous petroleum and water produced or injected during the month, their corresponding daily average rates, average gas oil ratios and water cut data
  • the cumulative quantities of liquid and gaseous petroleum and water produced or injected as at the end of the month. 

Production facility maintenance reporting 

Reports must be submitted as soon as possible after any of the following:

  • mechanical damage, corrosion or erosion that could affect the safety or integrity of a production facility to an extent that necessitates a change in operations
  • non-routine corrosion investigation (such as instrumented pigging, acoustic emission testing and pipe examinations).

These reports must include details or progress of repair works (if any).

Where a pressure test is carried out on a section of the production facility, you must submit the results and interpretation within one month of the completion of the test.

In addition to the above reporting requests, after the end of each year you must submit an annual report which includes all of the following:

  • summary of the routine corrosion and other surveys carried out on the production facility during the year
  • an assessment of the condition of the production facility as at the end of that year
  • a summary of the forward-looking maintenance plans including any plant shutdowns planned in the following five years.

Records of periodic inspections 

You must maintain accurate records of all periodic inspections of facility equipment and piping. 

The records must include the details of the inspections, testing or proving including:

  • pressure vessels
  • meters
  • pressure relief valves
  • control valves
  • wells including wellheads, valves, gauges, vents, joints, sub-surface safety valves and other downhole equipment
  • other items, equipment or piping.

 Records of inspections for corrosion shall be maintained for the production facility, equipment piping and wells. 

 All records shall be entered into a digital maintenance management system.

Commingled production 

Where oil, gas or water from two or more wells is commingled before it is measured you can apply for records to be kept and reports to be furnished on a combined basis estimating the actual production from each well.

Reports on downhole surveys

You must report a downhole survey in a production well together with details of the purpose of the survey no later than a month after the survey took place.

Your report must include:

  • one digital copy in native file format and one digital copy in portable document format of each log at each scale run in the survey unless otherwise approved
  • one digital copy in portable document format of computer processed interpretation logs if generated, unless otherwise approved.

How to submit reports

You can submit your reports by emailing  

Read more about how to submit reports.

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Last updated: 11 March 2020

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