Environmental management

Environmental protection

This page has information on the protection of the environment during petroleum exploration or production including:

  • water resources
  • flora and fauna
  • air and noise pollution.

Water resources

If you are making a petroleum activity application you must show how you will protect water resources in your application for approval.

Your petroleum activity application is also assessed on how your activity would impact on other water users and environmental sustainability.

This includes:

  • baseline water quality assessments
  • sustainable water use and allocation planning
  • protecting aquifers through well integrity standards
  • decommissioning standards
  • management of wastewater.

This is a rigorous assessment done by the Department of Primary Industry and Resources in consultation with Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the NTEPA.

If your activity has the potential to cause harm to water resources, you are required to submit water quality data and water monitoring plans and reports for assessment by the Department of Primary Industry and Resources.

Protecting water from chemicals

The use of chemicals containing Benzene, Toluene, Ethlybenzene and Xylene (BTEX) compounds are banned in the Northern Territory (NT).

If you use chemicals as part of your operation you must disclose them to the NT Government before the project can start.  

These are then assessed to make sure any potential harm to the environment is prevented and in the unlikely event of a spill contingency measures are in place to limit the impacts to an acceptable level.

The list of chemicals is also then published on the Department of Primary Industry and Resources website.(link still to be applied)

Protecting flora and fauna

You must use a qualified expert to monitor and record any clearing of significant vegetation, including ways to manage any possible impacts. 

Any impacts on flora and fauna must be reported to the government.

Upon completion of the petroleum activity, you are required to undertake an environmental rehabilitation program.

Air and noise pollution

If air and noise emissions have the potential to occur, you may need to monitor and report the level of emissions to the department.

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Last updated: 01 February 2019


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