Conducting activities after approval

This page has information on conducting activities after approval for geophysical or aerial surveys, well drilling and petroleum recovery including operational compliance reporting.

Geophysical surveys

Weekly reports

On survey commencement you must produce a weekly survey report to the Petroleum Operations team.


On completion of the geophysical survey you must:

  • complete clean up and demobilisation from survey site
  • ensure the environment is rehabilitated as per the approved environmental management plan
  • supply periodic report for environmental rehabilitation
  • confirmation rehabilitation is complete - this may involve third party validation.

An assessment of the final environment rehabilitation report will take place prior to release of the security deposit.

Aerial surveys

Weekly reports

On survey commencement you must produce a weekly survey report to the Petroleum Operations Team.


On completion of the aerial survey you must submit survey completion reports and data sets to the Petroleum Data Management Team.

Well drilling and workover

Well plan summary

You must provide a well plan summary seven days before commencing well activity under an approved well operations management plan (WOMP).

Interest holderWell activityWOMP approval dateWell plan summary
Origin EnergyKyalla 117 N2-1/N2-1H well drilling, hydraulic fracturing, completion, flow testing, suspension, monitoring and decommissioning activities.24 August 2019Kyalla summary
(8.6 mb)

Daily reports

You must submit daily reports every day before midday Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)  of the drilling or workover operations for the previous 24 hours.

The report should include:

  • the name of the well
  • the drilled depth
  • the operations carried out to the nearest 15 minutes
  • the lithology of formations penetrated and the interpreted depth of any marker horizons
  • any indications of petroleum
  • results of surveys made in the well bore
  • estimated daily and cumulative well costs.

Petroleum discovery

You must report any discovery of petroleum in your permit area to the department within three days. Read more about reporting a discovery in petroleum resource management.

How to submit your reports

You can submit your reports by emailing


You can contact Petroleum Operations by calling +61 8 8999 7348 or emailing

Last updated: 27 September 2019


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