Apply for exploration and production activity approval

Geophysical and aerial surveys

You must obtain approval before you undertake any geophysical or aerial survey activity which may include the following:

  • magnetic and electromagnetic surveys
  • gravity surveys
  • seismic surveys
  • multispectral surveys.

How to apply

You must apply in writing for approval 28 days before the date on which the operations are to commence.

The application must include all of the following:

    • survey program including the area of the seismic survey
    • environmental management (EMP) plan including measures that will be put in place to protect the environment (including rehabilitation and conservation planning) in the location of the seismic survey together with an EMP summary
    • safety management plan
    • insurance certificate(s)
    • emergency response plan
    • spill contingency plan
    • environment rehabilitation security calculation form
    • stakeholder consultation log
    • cultural/sacred site clearances
    • land access agreements/notice of entry.

The application must be signed by the custodian of the project.

You need to include an access authority request if the survey goes outside of your permit area.

Before final approval is granted you must: 

  • pay the rehabilitation security deposit.
  • submit the environmental management plan summary.

Submit your application

You must submit all documents by emailing

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Last updated: 15 August 2016


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