Operational activity conditions

Once you have paid the security, and your mining management plan is approved, you will receive an authorisation to undertake the activities in your approved mining management plan.

Once mining has started, you must review and update the mining management plan at the agreed review intervals.

Operating obligations

Once operations start, you must abide by all of the following conditions:

  • review, and if necessary amend, the mining management plan as required by the authorisation, and submit it to the department for assessment
  • notify the department of all environmental incidents on the site as soon as you become aware of the incident - read more about reporting environmental incidents
  • investigate the cause of any incident and send an investigation report to the department - the report should include information about remedial action taken, or to be taken, and recommendations for the prevention of further similar incidents
  • notify the department in writing if mining ceases outside the terms of the approved mining management plan
  • amend the mining management plan and submit it to the department for assessment if you propose doing work that is not covered in the current approved mining management plan.

Inspections and audits

The department inspects and audits mining operations and management systems to ensure activities comply with the approved mining management plan for the mining site.

Read more about inspections and audits.

Last updated: 11 March 2020

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