Report on mineral titles

Reporting expenditure

You must submit expenditure reports to the department annually if you hold an exploration licence (EL), an exploration licence in retention (ELR) or a mineral lease (ML). 

You can only claim expenditure relating to admissible mineral exploration activities. You must also nominate a proposed expenditure and work program for the upcoming reporting period.

Minimum expenditure

You are required to meet minimum expenditure guidelines for the first two years of an EL.

The table below indicates the minimum amount expected to be spent per exploration block. 
Your proposed work programs must be realistic and practical designed to progress the discovery of a mineable commodity on the title.   
Read more information on acceptable expenditure levels in the following guidelines:
Year of program Indicative minimum expenditure
One $10,000 plus $150 per block
Two $10,000 plus $250 per block

How to report

Use the following form to compile your report:

For each licence held, you must describe what work you did and how much you spent against each category of expenditure.

If an expenditure category is not relevant to your operations, mark it N/A.

What you can claim 

You can only claim costs directly related to obtaining new information that will be sent to the department to be made public.

This includes activities related to geoscientific surveys, drilling programs and technical investigations described in your annual technical report.

Read more on what expenditure can be claimed in the minimal and admissible expenditure guidelines above.

When to report

Expenditure reports are due 30 days after the anniversary of the grant date.  The reporting date changes if your report is part of an amalgamated reporting group.  Read more about amalgamated reporting for mineral titles.

For a summary of all reporting dates read when and how to submit reports.

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Last updated: 11 March 2020

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